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    Reader X Can't Open PDF's Using Firefox or IE


      I just installed Adobe Reader X on a computer with Windows XP SP3.  It would not run until I put it in Windows 2000 compatibility mode and install the visual C++ 2008 run time package.  Now I can open and print PDF's using the freestanding reader program but if I open a PDF while in my IE7 or the latest Firefox browser I get a screen that shows a progress bar that says "loading" but nothing is ever displayed.  With a lot of web appliations, I am never offered to open or save the file so not being able to view the file means it can not be downloaded for later viewing either.  I am dead in the water.


      What should I do?  This has been very frustrating and I am very close to uninstalling it and reloading 9.4 if I am able to do so.