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    Unable to create a Mobile Air Project for Blackberry device on MAC


      I can't create an Actionscript Mobile Air Project,

      This is a fresh install on a MAC(osX 10.6.7) , Flash burrito 4.5, Blackberry sdk 9.4


      On the first tab 'Project Location' I enter project name: HelloWorld and use default SDK (Flex 4.5)

      On the next tab 'Mobile Settings',

      I deselect, 'Apple ios' and 'Google Android', clicking only on 'BlackBerry Tablet OS'

      on the next tab 'Build Paths'

      I see 4 libraries, flex 4.5,

      … sdks/4.5.0




      and enter an Application ID:  com.example.helloWorld


      hit Finish, and i see some messages flash by … updating compiler settings…  but stays on this same panel,

      I see the directory being built on the left, but the 'New Actionscript Mobile Project' doesn't close, if I hit cancel, the directory gets removed.


      Clicking 'Finish' doesn't complete the creating the project.  (is there anywhere that I can see error msgs)????


      If I create a new 'Flex' project, that works, If I create a new 'Flex Mobile project' and select 'Blackberry' it won't complete,

      If I create a new 'Flex Mobile project' and select 'google android' that works.



      In Flash preferences I have 9.4 correctly installed, ie. under Flash Builder/Target Platforms/BlackBerry Tablet OS/

      the sdk path is: /Applications/Adobe Flash Builder 4.5/sdks/blackberry-tablet-sdk-0.9.4


      Under Java/Compiler i have Compiler compliance level:   1.6