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    Scaling up PDF pages for digital



      I have a binder of about 150 pages (average) and I need to scale it up 150% for a digital version. I know - digital version, why do I need to scale? Because that's what the company that converts the files for apps do (for whatever reason). So, when they do it, it destroys the quality of the product.


      I have managed to do it in Preview believe it or not and the result was great although Preview is not reliable and hasn't worked on other binders since.


      I have also tried the Print>Save as PDF in Acrobat but because it is initially a PDF it just says 'Select File>Save to create PDF.


      Does anyone know how I can scale up a binder of PDFs and save it as a pdf again? Or scripting for it?


      Your help would be greatly appreciated as I am baffled as this issue...