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    'replace with after effects composition'

    Jordan Olthuis

      hey guys, so when editing this one video in pr, I decided to color correct a couple clips in AE so I just right clicked them and chose replace with after effects composition, so it would nicely replace in the pr timeline with the corrected footage.


      except when I finished the third one I looked back and realized the first two clips were replaced with the thrird clip! so that clip appeared 3 times in my video! I was trying to import the ae comps separately and everything but it kept thinking that they were the same clip, the ae projects were all named clip 1, clip 2 and clip 3, I could open them up in ae and they were fine, just not when bringing them to ae.


      why is this? thats not supposed to be right?  I should be able to 'replace with after effects comp' for multiple clips if I want right?