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    Forcing a video frame refresh

    smon_ed Level 1
      I am streaming video using NetConnection/NetStream.

      When the rewinf button is pressed, the application rund NetStream.seek(0)

      However, the view does not always refresh and sometimes the video screen leaves a still of the frame rewound FROM and not a still of the first frame. The client has requested that the video screen shows the first frame when the video is rewound but I cannot find any method to refresh the view.

      I have tried setting _visible off and on.

      I have tried setting _x position back and forth

      I have tried setting _angle back and forth.

      Is there any way of forcing a video stream refresh when seek()

      Thanks in advance for any help.
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          Greg Dove Level 4
          I have found the same thing with the FLVPlayback component using seek from a paused state. Not surprising I guess because it uses NetStream. Until you resume playing the visual state of the playhead is not shown.

          I don't know how much more goes on in FLVPlayback vs. the raw NetStream class... but if its not too much more then I assume that you could try to do a

          As a last resort, if that doesn't work you could capture a bitmap of the first frame (as long as the flv is in the same domain as the loading swf.... there are some security restrictions for bitmap capture of flvs). I've not done this but I know its possible.