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    Why does Premiere lose comp link with After Affects (help!)


      *Disclaimer - I searched and could not find a solution related to my issue.

      *Disclaimer 2 -This is a DEDICATED EDIT PC. This is a FRESH install of Windows. The memory, drives, cpu, vid card, power supply and motherboard have either been thoroughly tested good or replaced by identical product. I've had zero other issues with this PC or CS5.



      Intel QuadCore 6700 on Asus/Intel G33 based MB

      Audigy 2 ZS

      8GB RAM

      4TB disk space (over 4 drives)

      Nvidia GTS450 1GB


      Windows 7 Pro 64bit SP1

      CS5 PP with everything installed


      Nothing else aside the above and windows certified (latest) drivers are installed.


      Video files used - .mpeg 1440x1080p 24fps - from Canon Vixia HV40  - captured IN Premiere


      Timeline settinngs are same as footage. 4 video, 4 audio tracks

      ========================================================================================== ============


      Before I totally lose it and take a bath with a toaster, someone help...


      I have 28 of 70 minutes of footage loaded on my timeline. My entire process is simple or so I thought. I lay down my scene in PP timeline - Then on each clip I right-click and "Replace with AE Composition".  After Effects opens, I edit my clip (cartoon effect), save, go back to PP, review the clip, save, and repeat the whole process. This works great! Love it!!!  For a while.


      Randomly, while in PP or inbetween AE and PP, I'll notice that previous clips (on PP timeline) that I worked on are now "OFFLINE" and only display the red image. I try to relink it to the proper AE comp and project and it doesn't work (no project numbers listed!!) or it uses the same exact clip for every damaged clip on the PP timeline!!!  Hours of work lost.


      I've tried using backup copies of the PP project and that doesn't work. Neither does not saving and just exiting. Somehow the AE project files are being corrupted i think. Backups of the AE project don't work either. The only way I've been able to fix this is by making a copy of the damaged AE project file, renaming it to something totally different, and then relinking the clips in PP to the newly named copy. This takes forever and sometimes other clips corrupt while I'm working on the first problem clips!!!  I'm bailing water on a sinking ship. I'm weeks behind on production.  WHY is this doing this?  How can I fix it?  How can I prevent it? What am I doing wrong?????


      I've gotten to the point where I only do 4 clips from the PP timeline to 1 AE project, then I save and close everything. Then go again. This is insane though...