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    Flash Player Freezing up?




      This is strange to be honest. I have been accessing my online classes today, whihc the site uses flash player to display certain content, as well as YouTube with no problems whatsoever.




      out of nowhere for the past hour now, I have this problem where whenever I click on my "class home" page and try to go to the flash player "about" page to check if te icon is spinning, as well as trying to go to youtube (basically anything with flash player content on it) it takes forreevvverrr to load and I end up getting the "Not Responding" message on my browser.


      This is happening on both Firefox and IE.  The thing is prior to it locking up on my class home page I saw an icon saying "GET ADOBE FLASH PLAYER NOW" ... but its clearly installed, as I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling it several times, rebooting, as well as reinstalling shockwave 11. As of now, I have the plugin 'disabled' in FF just so I can login to my classes.. but I would like to be able to find a solution for this soon.. any thoughts?


      I alredy tried what the other forums said, or at least I tried to.. Thanks in advance.

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          eidnolb onlyone Level 5

          Hi, If you clicked on that message that popped up, you may have a Virus. Adobe does not do that.


          Whatever Anti-Virus program you have, I'd close all browsers and run it.


          Just my advice for now.





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            CheeZZyPiiZZa Level 1

            A few things.. when I clicked on it it directed me to http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer which seems legit to me though?


            But prior to even clicking on that.. it was locking up.. way before I even saw that come up.. I waited 5 minutes for the page to laod then saw that icon, prior, it was just sloowww and then didn't respond. I ran a system scan, found some threats, but they got cleared (Norton).. still giving me problems...


            actually here let me show you the screenshot so you can see the icon in reference.. (I blacked out several personal information related items)



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              eidnolb onlyone Level 5

              Hi, thanks for the screenshot. Now that could be that the website just has that on their site. I've seen this before on other websites. I was concerned  that it was a Virus pretending to be a message from Adobe Flash player. There is an "antivirus8" or "AV8" which popups up a warning about whatever, and it's even using the legit AVG logo! Many users think it's from AVG and they click on it and the Virus Installs.  Bad stuff.


              The only thing is that you had Flash Player Installed, so now I am wondering if when you ran that scan with Norton and you said it found a few things whether that malware was slowing your system down.


              You may want to take a look and see if a Kill-bit has been set in your Windows Registry. Just follow these instructions and LOOK for this Key. Then let me know what you found.


              open the registry editor: Start | Run | type regedit.exe
              navigate to this registry key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\ActiveX Compatibility\{D27CDB6E-AE6D-11CF-96B8-444553540000}
              if that key does not exist, then the "kill-bit" for Flash Player is not set
              if it contains a DWORD entry with the name Compatibility Flags that has any value other than 0x00000000, then the "kill-bit" for Flash Player may be set

              Read this carefully. You are just looking for this information. Don't do any changing or anything but look.


              Post back your OS/32bit or 64bit and browser version info please.





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                CheeZZyPiiZZa Level 1




                Here is a screenshot again of what I see...Is that set or not? (got confused with that part haha)


                My operating system is Windows Vista 32 bit and the browser is Firefox Version 4.0


                **edit: I apologize if it posted the image 3 times.. having trouble getitng it to appear when posting the topic**

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                  CheeZZyPiiZZa Level 1

                  Just some things to fill you in on my activities today which could possibly have led to this..


                  Yesterday I updated FF to 4.0... today I was having some problems whenever I loaded it up it just kept crashing and saying not responding. I thought maybe it had to do with the fact the version is so new, and the theme I had installed.. so I uninstalled it, re-installed it, and left the theme out just in case. I chose to keep my user settings for firefox intact so when I installed it again I wouldn't lose my bookmarks haha.


                  That is all I really did but I couldn't see any of that affecting it?


                  Like I mentioned, I was having this problem on IE as well, any page that appeared to have flash content locked up the browser.

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                    eidnolb onlyone Level 5

                    Hi, I had trouble today, had one message post 4-5 times!!  Your screenshot only posted once!



                    Your screenshot is good, no Kill-bit!!



                    Thanks for checking.





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                      eidnolb onlyone Level 5

                      Hi, thanks for the background, since that's helpful. Flash Player works thru the browsers, that's one thing. Installing the FF 4.0, plus Flash Player also had an update on 3/21/11. Both browser related changes. Then consider the addons/plugins/extensions already installed in both IE & FF. So that last couple of days could just be that, until the changes "settle" down. I found that with the latest Java update. Norton has addons in the browsers also.


                      Unless Flash Player is not working (let me know), I would enable the FF Shockwave Flash plugin, then do a shut down of the PC. Then reboot whether tonight or tomorrow morning depending on your schedule. Things may have settled then.


                      Have you Installed any new programs that would have Installed any addons/plugins/extensions in either browser?



                      Check back tomorrow and let me know how it's acting. I remember you from that thread about the "black screen of death", LOL So I'm sure you have hardware acceleration turned off still?






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                        CheeZZyPiiZZa Level 1

                        hahaha, well to be honest, I never had it off but my problem was solved after clearing offline cache and all cookies, as well as something else (forget that last bit) but then magically it worked fter a restart hahaha.


                        EDIT: No I do not think so, I only did installing/reorganizing of FF and Flash like mentioned before, I don't recall any other changes with softwares!


                        Okay I will re-enable it and shut down for the evening then. I will post back here tomorrow asap with updates.. THANK YOU SO MUCH for your help

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                          CheeZZyPiiZZa Level 1

                          didn't see this appear ion edit... but no I did not install anything else but just updated/configured what I mentioend before so I don't recall anything hehe.

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                            eidnolb onlyone Level 5

                            Hi, Yes clearing the cache should be a habit, especially before Installing Flash Player, FF browsers, etc, LOL


                            Ok on the rest, sounds good.




                            Your welcome:-)




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                              CheeZZyPiiZZa Level 1

                              hey updates for today...


                              Still giving me trouble :-\


                              I enabled the shockwave plugin last night after clearing all my cookies and stuff, and yeah Its still taking forever to load and then just locks up.. after this post I am going to try letting it go through and see if it does.. but that could be a 5 minutes-10 mintue wait hahah.


                              Until then, maybe I should try uninstalling all of these applications then re-installing? I like to keep my  bookmarks though so I usually save tat but doesn't that keep all user data like eeven cache? (I will just wait off till I get more advice haha)

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                                CheeZZyPiiZZa Level 1

                                Took around exactly 5 minutes considering once I posted that message I started up my class page. It finally loaded, although it was giving me the NOT RESPONDING browser bit when I tried clicking elsewhere on the page. It finally loaded and seems to be stable, however that icon saying "GET ADOBE FLASH NOW" is up. I have flash though silly computer but anyway, yeah it loads but takes forever and appears to be telling me I don't have flash. When I disable the plugin it obviously says I don't have flash, but loads right away just without flash content. So its sort of right now stuck in between somewhere I feel like. Not entirely sure what to do, I have been looking up possible solutions but I don't think I have found anything that pinpoints to this particular issue.

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                                  eidnolb onlyone Level 5

                                  Hi, I read both of your latest messages. Let's take a look at your Flash files and see what is Installed.


                                  Go to C:\Windows\System32\Macromed\Flash   Open Flash and post back your files. The NPSWF files will need a right click to Open and then click on Properties to obtain the version numbers.



                                  Another thread updated FF 4.0 and the Shockwave Flash plugin is missing. I think we'll see more of this. Keep yours Enabled.

                                  But you may want to Disable any other plugins/addons/extensions that you don't need for the moment. Do this AFTER, I see the Flash files and comment on those.


                                  You can check now though to make sure you only have ONE Shockwave Flash plugin.






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                                    CheeZZyPiiZZa Level 1

                                    Sorry it took so long to reply I had to do some work! I am here now until about 3:30 EST time because I am going to the movies, I will be back by 6 hopefully. I do get email notifications on my phone and might be able to reply when I can though I won't be by my pc so not sure how much that will help hahah.


                                    ANYWAY here is a scree of what I see...



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                                      CheeZZyPiiZZa Level 1

                                      For some reason It isn't letting me edit properly.. it keeps not showing my edits haha.. so here is a reply...


                                      Hmm, for i am looking through my plugins to see if I can disable anything I don't need, but that is the thing, I don't know WHAT I don't need hahaha.

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                                        eidnolb onlyone Level 5

                                        Hi, glad that screenshot came thru. That tells the whole story, Flash files are not correct and you have missing FF & IE Flash Files.


                                        I wouldn't bother doing anything at the moment. I want to have you use another method to Uninstall/Install for both IE & FF, taking into consideration the Anti-Virus.


                                        I have errands to run this afternoon and will be back later. I'm in the EDT zone also.


                                        Will get the instructions for you.






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                                          CheeZZyPiiZZa Level 1

                                          Oh okay nice, awesome then! Well I will be here whenever and will work with you to help me solve the problem haha. Thank you so much!

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                                            eidnolb onlyone Level 5

                                            Hi, First I want you to know how to Disable Norton, don't do it now, just know how to do it. I'll have "Disable Norton" in the steps of Instructions. All of this will be done while you are offline with all browser windows Closed.

                                            Open IE 8. Goto Tools -> Manage Add-ons.

                                            2- Disable the following:

                                            -Norton Toolbar

                                            -Symantec NCO BHO

                                            -Symantec Intrusion Prevention (IPS)


                                            Right Click and Open Norton. Turn off Smart Firewall and Auto Protect

                                            Under Miscellaneous Settings, Disable Norton Product Tamper Protection


                                            Download and SAVE to your Desktop the Uninstaller:
                                            Download and SAVE to your Desktop the Installer for IE- use the EXE Installer
                                            Download and SAVE to your Desktop the Installer for FF- use the EXE Installer for plugin based (from the same site)
                                            Close all browser windows, you only want to be looking at your Desktop.
                                            Disable any messenger services, as yahoo, msn, etc in the system tray(area near the clock)


                                            Disable Norton

                                            Be sure to use the Administrator Account.

                                            Run the Uninstaller and when finished, Reboot(restart) your computer.
                                            Check to make Norton is still Disabled
                                            Run the Installer for IE, Run the Installer for FF and when finished, Reboot.

                                            Then go to this test site and test each browser:



                                            You can check Norton now, it probably re-Enabled itself on that last Reboot, but check.

                                            You may want to print these instructions to make it easier to follow. If you have any questions, let me know.

                                            You also want to check your Flash files are you did before with the screen shot you sent so we can be sure the Flash files are all correctly Installed.


                                            Then check that Shockwave Flash Object in IE & make sure it's enabled and version Same with the Shockwave Flash plugin in FF, it needs to be enabled as well.


                                            Let me know how it goes.



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                                              CheeZZyPiiZZa Level 1

                                              Okay sorry for the late response had some errands as well.. here are the results (with screenshots)


                                              Firefox After instructions...




                                              **As you can see with FF, doesn't appear that Flash is working and or installed? However, it does not mention "missing additional plugins" as it did after I checked the page after uninstalling flash..it just shows nothing now as you see.


                                              Internet Explorer after instructions....





                                              **So as you can see IE is working perfectly fine.. but my main broswer FF is not I have both plugins on both browsers enabled.


                                              Maybe I need to physically delete the plugin or uninstall it from FF and reinstall? I will wait for your instructions further please advise haha.


                                              I will check the files you mentioned earlier to see.. but I am not entirely sure what to look for?


                                              thanks in advance.

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                                                CheeZZyPiiZZa Level 1

                                                Here is the flash file screenshot after all of this.. I better show you so you can get the full picture hehe.



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                                                  eidnolb onlyone Level 5

                                                  Hi, You must have done a good job, all of your Flash files for IE & FF are there and correct with the latest version.


                                                  What I wanted you to check besides what you already sent in that full screenshot, was the Shockwave Flash plugin for FF. Make sure it's Installed and Enabled.


                                                  Then in the IE manage addons, that the Shockwave Flash Object is also Installed and Enabled.



                                                  Are they?







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                                                    CheeZZyPiiZZa Level 1

                                                    IE and FF plugins are both there and enabled...


                                                    My internet explorer seems to be working fine, however the Firefox is still being poop.


                                                    Shockwave Flash Enabled.. last updated today it says... but you said my files were correct as well, wonder why its being silly for me still and not working?

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                                                      eidnolb onlyone Level 5

                                                      Hi, Glad to hear those addons are Installed and Enabled. I'm seeing problems with FF 4.0. I have a thread that the Shockwave Flash plugin for FF will NOT Install but the Flash files are all correct.  I have another thread that FF 4.0 will not work, but the SWF IS Installed and all Flash files are correct.


                                                      I have your thread that ALL Flash files are correct and the SWF for FF IS Installed and Enabled but won't work.


                                                      The common factor? FF4.0.  So my opinion is that there is a problem with FF 4.0.


                                                      I was over to FF today and put in the Search field "FF 4.0 is not working" I received 262 Posts, with a variety of issues.


                                                      Then I did some searching tonight trying to find if the previous version of FF was available and it is (FF vs 3.6.16)


                                                      I just suggested that one thread to Uninstall FF 4.0 and Install the 3.6.16 if that is what they had. Either that or try Safari:-)


                                                      So you see it is not your computer nor Flash Player, that's my opinion.


                                                      Nothing else I can tell you, other than use IE until FF fixes the problem. I've always thot they rushed this version. IE just came out with IE9 and it was in beta almost 2 years!!


                                                      Thanks. At least you have one browser working:-)



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                                                        CheeZZyPiiZZa Level 1

                                                        hahah that is true at least IE works though I don't like it haha.


                                                        THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE HELP SERIOUSLY, i appreciate it.. and I had to cap that it was needed to emphasize my appreciation for you haah.


                                                        I was going to see about putting safari on here, or just trying to go back to an older versin of ff.. either way, I will wait it out till she is patched up.


                                                        Thanks again for everything and for making sure my pc and flash are healthy.


                                                        Take care and I am sure I'll talk to you again on these forums in the future, I'm leaning towards them more and more lately haha.

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                                                          eidnolb onlyone Level 5

                                                          Hi, hey when I saw that "star" for an answered thread, I thot maybe something happened overnight that FF was working


                                                          Guess not. I think everyone has their favorite browser, especially when using it for sometime. As long as the browser works, at least for now that's what is important:-)


                                                          Appreciate the caps:-) And marking your thread as answered as well.


                                                          I think I would Uninstall FF 4.0 and put back 3.6.16 on. Get it here: www.filehippo.com, look on the the right side after bringing up the 4.0. Good site, not loaded with "extras".


                                                          Thanks for the cooperation & all the back & forth.


                                                          Don't click on any of those "get rid of malware" Viruses!



                                                          I think Forums are helpful as long as the person knows what they are talking about. I read several just to see if their advice makes sense.


                                                          Sure, post back when FF issues their next update:-)





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                                                            eidnolb onlyone Level 5

                                                            Hi, I came across this and just posting it in case you may find it useful. It has a section on recovering data from an old profile.


                                                            Just a FYI:-)








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                                                              CheeZZyPiiZZa Level 1

                                                              Woah this is totally helpful actually thank you very much!


                                                              Oh p.s., I ended up just putting 3.6 back on here, I heard they weren't going to update 4.0 till May or something - either way I was antsy haha.


                                                              Thanks again for the link and help

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                                                                eidnolb onlyone Level 5

                                                                Hi there, I was wondering what final decision you made:-) I hadn't heard they were waiting until May!

                                                                So is FF working ok with you now? I would assume so.


                                                                I just yesterday or today came upon that from another thread. I grab anything I think that would be helpful, no matter what:-)


                                                                My Desktop is loaded with Folders(with info); actually those are my "screen saver", LOL


                                                                Hope that link was/is helpful.





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                                                                  CheeZZyPiiZZa Level 1

                                                                  haha, thanks you very much i appreciate the link. and yes my desktop has now been smothered with files and links or shortcuts rather haha.thank

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                                                                    eidnolb onlyone Level 5

                                                                    Hi, I need a favor. I've had login issues since 4/3/11 and as far as I know they have been resolved. I've posted to several threads, but am not receiving replies. It could be just a time zone thing but I wanted you to post to your thread here if you are receiving my message.


                                                                    I am planning on sending you a PM also, just in case this message isn't coming thru on your thread.








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                                                                      CheeZZyPiiZZa Level 1

                                                                      I am able to read your messages yes!


                                                                      Sorry that is happening, or was rather haha. I will reply shortly to your pm

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                                                                        eidnolb onlyone Level 5

                                                                        Thanks CheeZZyPiiZZa!! I do appreciate it.



                                                                        Oh, some add'l info on FF. Look for the thread by tc3759 at Post#22 & Post#25.







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                                                                          eidnolb onlyone Level 5

                                                                          Hi! I was searching for a thread & several came up and yours was among them.


                                                                          Just found out that FF is now 4.0.1. Haven't had a chance to see what the update is about. The info is probably on their site.



                                                                          Back to searching:-)