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    window.move prevents scrolling


      Hello,   I have a desktop app I am developing. Basically I would like some best practice advice here.  So my desktop app allows the user to click anywhere on the container and move the window around. I initally set this to the actual application container but realised that anything inside, like scrollable containers will no longer work because every time i try to drag the scroller down I end up moving the whole window, this is also the case with a text input, whenever I try to highlight a word inside the text input I end up moving the window instead. What is the best practice when making a desktop app that can be dragged but components inside will not be affected by this. Do i need to make some kind of invisible rectangle that sits behind all components and make that draggable?  One other best practice question is that the app has different states where the dimension of the application changes. The app is chromeless so you don't actually see any size changes to the application container and I'm wondering if I even need to do this? can i just create my application in a dimension that is sized at the maximum size and forget about changing the size everytime a state change occurs?