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    Flash Island : Unable to populate DataGrid with Web Dynpro Context Node data

    Ameya Mogare



      I am trying to populate DataGrid in my Flash Island with WD context node data.


      Here are properties of my Context node (this is a child node of node 'User')
      Node 'Skills' (singleton : false, cardinality: 0..n, selection: 0..1)
                attr1: skillText (string)
                attr2: skillProficiency (string)


      And this is my Flex code:


      Inside Script CDATA: -
      public var Skills : ArrayCollection;


      Coding for DataGrid -
      <mx:DataGrid id="tblSkills" dataProvider="{Skills}" variableRowHeight="true" width="90%" height="100%" showHeaders="false" rowCount="5">
                   <mx:DataGridColumn id="colSkill"  dataField="skillText"  wordWrap="true" />
                   <mx:DataGridColumn id="colProficiency"  dataField="skillProficiency" />


      When I run this,
           1. DataGrid doesn't contain any data?
           2. even though I have set rowCount = 5, DataGrid shows many empty rows?


      Please help.


      Thanks and regards,