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    Assigning Color Profile to source clip


      I'm looking for a way to assign a color profile for a source clip which was rendered in AE as Rec 709 16-235.  The rendered file appears as 7.5 IRE to 100 IRE and but I'd like to interpret it and be able to 'tell' Pr I want to treat it as 0-109 IRE.  Is this there a way/does Pr support mapping black/white points / overbrights in this way?  I can't find any relevant links or documentation on this, nor any way to do this, so I think not.  Maybe there's a interpretation rules file somewhere?  I'm accustomed to Avid's ability to import as either RGB or Rec 601/709 and subsequently output overbrights, so I'm looking to replicate that functionality for a particular deliverable we're regularly required to deliver.  Thanks in advance!


      -Troy Murison

      Seattle, WA