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    Failed to create proxy classes

    Shiva.Kosaraju Level 1


      I am using the code given at the location http://help.adobe.com/en_US/livecycle/9.0/programLC/help/index.htm?content=000188.html.


      I created proxy classes for forms using the wsdl definition http://localhost:8080/soap/services/FormsService?wsdl.

      I have created a jar file and added it to my project. Still there are import issues with the following:

      1) import




      2) import com.adobe.idp.services.holders


      Can anyone please help me in removing the import issues.


      Kindly let me know the service for which i need to create the proxy classes.

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          Shiva.Kosaraju Level 1


          Can some one please reply. Need a solution to this very urgently.

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            Hodmi Level 4

            First may I suggest that you contact Adobe Support if you have an urgent issue.  The forum is maintained on a volunteer basis by both Adobe and non-Adobe people and there is no SLA for posts.


            To your question;  the proxy class names will depend on what software you used to read the WSDL.  I believe that the ones in the documentation were generated using Eclipse, but other tools may name the classes differently.    You'll have to look into the proxy classes your software and see what was created.


            On a related note; I wouldn't recommend creating the proxy classes using localhost as the server name.  Using the real server name will allow you to run the code from different computers.