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    Saving Multitrack Session as VIDEO

    cjdeeeee Level 1



      I've got a video with audio recorded on a separate device. I loaded both the video and the audio into Audition, matched them up in the multi-tracker, and now I'm completely stuck on how to mix the two together into one video file WITH the audio. I checked the help section on the webpage for Audition 3.0, and it said to go to file -> export -> FILE, but that option is grey/unavailable in the Mac beta. I go to file -> export -> MULTITRACK MIXDOWN, and the only thing I can export are audio files. There's a .mov option, but it says "audio only".


      So, how do I make use of the video functionality of Adobe Audition, in order to create a video file from this editing process?

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          Paddy* Level 1

          I don't see how the multitrack information could be included in the movie format, unless it were mixed down to a single track of course. Which would be what I'd need to use Audition; a lot of my work involves opening a QT movie, normalising it, doing any other work needed, then re-saving as a movie, and on into my batch compression process. So this saving as an "audio only movie" slows my process right down.

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            cjdeeeee Level 1

            That's not what I mean.


            I had to sync audio up to a video, and the audio source was out of sync with the video. I spent time in the multitrack session putting this new audio source in sync with the video. I deleted the video -sound- track, so that there are only two things in the multitrack session: The video, and the -new- Audio file.


            I would assume that by Mixing everything down, you would get the Video, plus whatever audio tracks are there, into one session....



            So what I want to do:


                   1. Take a video.

                   2. Insert the new audio source, within the multi-tracker.

                   3. Sync everything up correctly.

                   4. Remove the old audio.

                   5. Mixdown so that the new audio become the main audio for the video.





            Step 5 is where I am blocked.

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              Paddy* Level 1

              Ah, it sounds like you probably want the same thing as me then.

              Soundtrack Pro (Apple) will save a movie file without removing the

              audio, so it'd be good to see it in Audition too.

              "_durin_" suggested that Adobe would be thinking about including a

              feature like this.

              It's great when you only want to edit the audio in a video clip to do it

              in an audio editor.

              The next-best quick way of doing it that I can think of is to save

              QuickTime Pro to open the original movie and the audio-only movie, paste

              them together and save a stand-alone movie.

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                cjdeeeee Level 1

                Paddy, I'm still not sure if we're connecting on the same issue here. In the online help documentation for Audition 3.0, this is the solution to what I want to do:




                If a session includes a video file, you can mix down the session to create a new soundtrack in the same format as the video file (such as AVI, MOV, or WMV).

                1. Choose File > Export > Video.
                2. Do one of the following:
                  • Choose a saved preset from the Preset menu.

                  • Choose an option from the Audio Codec menu. Then select Mono or Stereo, and choose a sample rate from the Frequency menu.

                3. Click OK.




                However, none of those options (AVI, MOV, WMV) are available. No video options are available. So, from my perspective, the only thing I can do with a video file in Audition is to open it and close it. I can't actually save anything but the audio, and that's not saved in the video, only as a seperate file. This is my understanding of the program's current capabilities in it's Mac beta form. As I understand it, that documentation refers to the official release on the PC, but I would think that even in beta form, on the Mac, the functionality to remove the original audio from a video and replace it with new audio and then export it as one movie file would be.. functional.


                Out of the alternatives, are any of those programs free? I supposed I could line up the new audio with the video file in iMovie, now that I fixed the time-lag problems between the two separate sources (FLIP Cam and an Olympia hand-held digital audio recorder, just to put it out there), but I was really hoping that I could do the merging of the two files in Audition like it can apparently be done on the PC.

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                  ryclark Level 6

                  The facility for saving back out as video files is not available as yet in the present version. I think that this may be because a lot of attention has been payed to the integration of the new Audition with Premiere and, therefore, you are expected to marry up the edited audio back with the video in Premiere.