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    Installing LiveCycle PDF Generator ES




      I have gone thought the installation and configuration guide. Wish to clarify few points here


      1) For POC (For the purpose of developing custom code via SDK to merge PDF files), Can i install LiveCycle ES on Windows Vista? Vista is 32 bit OS.


      2) In LiveCycle PDF Generator ES notes i have come across,

      When using PDF Generator ES2 with a 64-bit application server, an additional 32-bit JVM must also be installed.

      On UNIX AIX server with WebLogic 10,  Do I have to install additional 32 bit Java to run LiveCycle PDF Generator?


      3) Can i install WebLogic 10 / Websphere 6 (64 bit) on my vista (32 bit) desktop and proceed with LiveCycle PDF Generator installation?


      Please share few links for additional information (like installation details, SDK API reference etc)


      4) Is installing Acrobat Pro Extended required for using PDF Generator SDK (only to Merge PDF files generated from SAP Business Objects Reporting tool).



      Thank you all for the quick response I got from this forum.