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    Replace with Ambient and Save As Video


      Soundtrack Pro has a great feature: "replace with ambient noise". This would be great to see on Audition, with a shortcut key. I use the command hundreds of times when editing dialogue recordings, replacing noisy breaths, coughs, etc where silencing the audio would be obvious.

      There's a mix-paste in Audition, which is close-ish, but more cumbersome.

      But my biggest thing on the wish-list is to be able to save MOVs with the video and audio intact - surely can't be difficult... I'd probably move entirely away from the Final Cut suite if it did that. I don't want to have to open video in Premiere and re-export just to normalise audio.

      With Soundtrack pro (or at least with the old version I'm using for fear of the dreaded ear blasting bug in newer versions) it's: Drag film to icon, command-L, Enter, command-S. All done.

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          _durin_ Adobe Employee

          Writing to video formats, whlie not difficult is certainly not trivial and is a feature we plan to implement in a later release of Audition.  I do hope we can make it as simple as you've described.  I don't know if a feature for "ambient replacement" already exists in our database, but I'll take a look and if not, add a new request with a link to this thread.  Thanks for the suggestion and support.