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    Chm Toc missing

      I used RoboHelp 6 Word and created an .hlp file. Next, I created Microsoft HTML Help in RoboHelp 6 Word. The .chm file was generated. I copied the file to my computer from the server; the Index displays properly with its topics, but the TOC window is empty.
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          Brian.Mccaffery Level 1
          Hello degelreuven,

          Welcome to the Forums.

          Is your project stored on the server you copied the chm from - a definite no no. It should be stored on your local machine and RoboHelp installed with your user login.

          Next, have you made any changes to the window properties of the CHM?
          Is the index also missing?
          Doe the chm work correctly on any other machine?

          Sorry about all the questions.

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            degelreuven Level 1
            The original project is on a server. The chm file is created on the server. Then I cooy it to my computer to view it. What do you mean by the window properties of the CHM?
            The Index is fine.
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              Brian.Mccaffery Level 1
              Do you have a copy of the project on your local machine, or are you working on the server copy to produce the chm?

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                RoboColum(n) Level 5
                Hi degelreuven. RoboHelp uses an Access database for each project and these are known to cause problems when run across a network. NEVER run RoboHelp on a network.

                As for your TOC problem, did you create your CHM from RoboHelp for Word? If so, try creating a new project from RoboHelp HTML and importing the .HLP file. The windows properties that Brian refers can be seen in the Project tab of RoboHelp HTML by right clicking on the window and selecting "properties". You should have the "TOC and Index" option selected to display both items in the CHM.