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    Why a long delays with 2 or more PDFs open in Reader?


      I open one PDF file from the HD and it opens quickly.  Opening a second (and third, fourth, etc) PDF takes many seconds (as long as 45 seconds to a minute).  These are not large files:  8 - 60 kb, no graphics in most cases (not many graphics in any of them) - mostly text, 1 - 15 pages depending on actual file.  Also, long lags on any click between open windows, scrolling, etc. Closing the file same thing... takes many seconds for a file to close and even if it closes off of screen quickly, there's a long time lag before I can do anything with any other file in Reader.


      All other open programs work fine.  Typically only one or two other apps open, but I experimented to see if symptoms occur with Reader and other apps open. They don't.


      I can open the same files in Acrobat 9 at snap of finger and no problems, no delays.  But I want to work in same environ as my collaborators and customers use.  


      No other issues with other programs (typical Office programs, Notes, etc).  Only shows up with Reader so I don't think it is a system type issue (memory management, etc.).  CPU usage stays low, but it acts like a system issue of some type.


      How can I get older version of Reader?  This is a detriment to my work flow.  Didn't have this problem with Reader 9.


      Thanks for the help.