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    Soap error:There was a problem parsing the XML document

    Vidhya @ Honeywell Level 1

      Hi All,


      I m using Lifecycle designer ES2 .In tat i m accessing the web service to generate the xls report as xml and parsing it with in the form as per the code below




      ="http:....."; //URL of the webservice









      // Obtain the WSDL proxy object:



      myProxy = SOAP.connect(myURL);



      for ( i =500; i < 1000; i++)



      = i;


      = "Fetching records"+ (i + 1); //+ (i + 1);



      if (t.cancelled) break;// break if operation cancelled



      //... process the page ...





      while Fetching the Records ..I m getting the soap error There was a problem parsing the XML document -- try setting

      SOAP.wiredump to true in the console.


      Please please help me ...

      i m breaking my head ..


      Thanks in advance,