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    How can we cancel a Remote Object Service Call in Flex using Cairngorm?


      Hi All,



      I am trying to find a way to abort a service request that has already been dispatched.



      when i refer to docs i found that disconnect() method in RemoteObject will cancel any pending requests for that remote object, unfortunately it did not work out.


      Can any one suggest me if there is any alternative to cancel a server request sent to the server from flex.


      Problem Description:

      we use multiple tabbed application, a user can open any number of tabs and close them.

      User sends request to server from one of the tab, some requests might take too long to come back,in mean while user would like to close the tab assuming that he is aborting the query.


      We cannot abort a query as we don't have any control over the requests sent to the server.

      However after closing the tab, we are not able to cancel the pending request by using disconnect() method on remote object,

      Even after closing the tab, application performace is slow because the reponder is still listening for the service response and this is causing a sluggishness and poor performance in the application,



      Can any one suggest me how to cancel a service request in flex.