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    Letter spacing wrong when generting pdf in web service

    Markus Ebel

      I have a turnkey JBoss Installation on a Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard.
      When I create a pdf document out of an doc (Office 2003 SP3) or docx (Word 2007 SP2)
      with the web services I get wrong letter spacing. If I simply create a pdf out of Microsoft Word with the
      installed Adobe Add-On on the same server the spacing is correct.


      There is no error or warning in all the log files.
      I tried already all kind of settings in the font settings, but no success.
      You can see the differences in the attachment.
      Any help would be appreciated.


      Answer: I tested a lot by myself and finally it worked. I am still not 100% sure why, but I think it is the following:

      When you have configured the turnkey installation, everything is up and running afterwards. But then you have these strange letter spacings.

      When you restart the jboss service (Windows) then it is correct afterwards.


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