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    Adobe Reader X not opening pdfs from asp.net handler


      We have discovered a major issue with Adobe Reader X.

      It is not opening pdfs that are being served to a browser from an asp.net handler page. These pdfs are being pulled out of a database and read back to the browser. We have been doing this for years and years on the websites we build with no issues at all. Now Reader X comes along and breaks this. It doesn't display any error messages just opens the reader panel and a blank gray screen where the pdf should display.


      Adobe needs to address this quickly as it is breaking millions of websites.


      here is how we are pulling the pdfs out of the database using c#.net





      [] bytes = (Byte[])readData[bytefield];

      context.Response.Buffer =



      "Content-Disposition", "inline;filename=" + readData[namefield].ToString());



      context.Response.ContentType = readData[typefield].ToString();



      Please help us. Thanks.