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    Another graphics quality question


      I have a PowerPoint presentation with some serious network diagrams in there. The diagrams were created in Visio, exported as PNG, and imported into PowerPoint as PNG. Searching through the web showed that PNG files, rather than JPEG or other formats, maintained the best resolution when pulled into PowerPoint. The network diagram includes imported photographs of the products as well as various colored boxes and lines showing their connections.


      I am not using any fancy drop shadows. Instead this network diagram is the master page, and the presentation consists of white boxes covering up most of the diagram, with parts of it peeking through and me discussing each element one by one. Some of the pages have no white boxes at all, but have just the diagram itself.


      The resulting graphics quality in PowerPoint is very good. It is not really very good in presenter, even when the graphic quality is set to "high" and even on the slides with nothing but the diagram.  I have read some of the forum suggestions, but since I am not using any kind of shadowing but just the raw graphic I wasn't sure whether there was anything I could do.

      Any other suggestions?