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    Reducing Website Size

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      So, I created an entire website in Flash Catalyst.  As I am still fairly new to web design, I realized after that this may not have been the best idea, but since I learned web design using Flash, this was the most comfortable for me at the time.  Anyway, this file ended up being huge and as a result we were not able to use it because it took way too long to load.  I ended up, basically, creating a whole new website using Fireworks and Dreamweaver.  However, now, my client is asking about having the option to have both a Flash-based site and an HTML site by having a the front/home page bringing up that option. 


      Anyway, my question is is can I reduce my original FC file size by creating individual flash files for each page?  How would I get them to interact with each other?  ie. getting the navbar to link to the correct pages.

      Or would it be best to just save the flash elements (ie. buttons, navbar, etc) as separate files and import them into Fireworks or Dreamweaver?



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          Bear Travis Adobe Employee

          Hi There,


          Tara over at FlashCats wrote an article on this that you may want to check out here.



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            I ran into the very same issue with a site I am building right now here:




            The index page will change to be the front door to the HTML version of the site built using Wordpress and the rest will be a virtual tour of the client's facility in FC.  My solution was to break up the larger site into smaller groups and to upload them into separate files on the server with the links going to the Main.html file for each page.  So far so good, my largest file takes no time to load and aside from a problem loading in some SWF files all is golden.  If you want to see the Wordpress site go here:




            If you do go this route remember that the animations will not work to transfer from section to section, you will not be able to link directly to individual states (unless you use SWFAddress to enable deep linking) and you will want to clean out each of the individual files after you break them up so you're not downloading the content from page one when you link to page two or three.


            It isn't simple but it is possible with patients.  Also remember to rebuild any animation & timeline changes as well as links that involve the pages/states that you are deleting or your UI will go psycho on you.


            Good Luck,