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    "Copy to clipboard" issue with Acrobat X and Skype extension in Firefox


      This post is just to let you know that there is and issue with Acrobat X and the Skype extension in Firefox.

      I don't know why but when both programs (Firefox and Acrobat) are opened and I try to copy something from a PDF I always get an error

      message like "Impossible to copy into the clipboard. An internal error occurred".

      If I close Firefox or I disable the Skype extension for Firefox everything runs smoothly.

      It is really odd, I don't know if it is a problem of Acrobat, Firefox or of Skype....

      Are anyone experiencing the same problem?

      See you.



      Ps. I'm using Windows Vista SP2, Skype extension, Acrobat 10.0.1, Firefox 3.6.16