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    RoboHtml 6 crashes when generating printed documentation ("updating files" step)

      Until a week ago, I had been using RoboHelp HTML version X5 on Windows XP. Mostly I used it to generate .CHM files, but would occasionally generate Word docs of the same material. I have Word 2003.

      Last week I uninstalled RoboHelp X5 and installed RoboHelp 6, all without difficulty, and have been using v6 to continue working on this same RoboHelp project. In particular, I have added conditional build tags to some of the TOC objects.

      Now I am trying to generate another Word doc, based on a particular conditional build tag. RoboHelp begins the generation process, but at the step where it is "Updating files", I get an error message from Windows that RoboHtml.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close, do I want to send an error report to Microsoft, etc. I click through to view the technical information, but all I get is that RoboHtml.exe is the module that crashed.

      Any advice on how to fix or work around this issue will be appreciated!
      - Laura