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    Any way to pause typing text?


      Hi Captivating Gurus,


      Part of my project involves typing part of the text, pausing while I explain what I'm typing, and then resume typing. Unfortunately, when I preview the slide, the typing text continues as I'm doing the voiceover. Is there any way to pause the typing text? I'm using Captivate 5.





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          RodWard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          No.  What you need to do is just hit the manual capture key after you do the first bit of text typing so that you spread this over two slides.  Then the second bit of typing will be on the second slide, and if there's a third bit of typing, that will need to be on a third slide.


          Each piece of typing text will need to be separated entirely so as to leave the possibility of adjusting the 'pause' in between them.


          That's the simplest solution.