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    Possible to execute a script using aerender?

    Lazlo Hollyfeld Level 1

      Hi There,


      I have some text layers in a composition that I replace via a script.  I'd like to render out the comp via aerender, but aerender does not have an option flag for executing a script upon its execution.  Is there a method for executing a script for a project file before aerender begins its work?  I need the text layers to be replaced by the script before rendering begins.  I found this thread on here that is a bit over a year old, but it kinda faded.  I was hoping to possibly learn if anybody has a solution to this.





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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          I don't think so. Since scripts are UI commands and not associated with projects, the RQ has no way of executing them. Still, I don't necessarily see this is a problem - you can always use a batch file/ Apple Script to launch a full AE, have it execute your script (including opening the project, modifying it and saving it again) and then launch the render instance only.