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    Problem loading external swf's

    Kents79 Level 1



      I'm creating an application where the user uses the ARROW KEYS to navigate around the menus and SPACEBAR to continue.

      On the first screen is the main menu that launches external swf's. (I have it as an exe)

      When I play the external swfs individually in the Flash Player.......the navigation is perfect and runs smoothly.


      But when I launch the external swf's through the first screen (menu).....the loaded swf becomes very slow/sluggish to react when I hit the ARROW KEYS.

      (eg. have to hit the arrow key 3/4 times before it moves)

      The frame rate in each fla is the exact same.


      I use the levels to launch the external swf..............I have also used the "load into an empty movieclip" and the outcome is still the same.


      I'm using CS5.


      What could be the problem???


      Thanks for your help.