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    Operative system


      For people like me that use pc or mac only for adobe products, why Adobe don't create an operative system with some program included

      Adobe OS photo 1

      Products: Photoshop, acrobat,reader,presenter,livecycle,lightroom,adobe tv video included,flash player,a browser in air technlogy with html5 support

      Adobe video Os1:premiere,after effect,acrobat,on location,....and so on

      And a suitable Os with every program anyone nedeed....

      its not a good idea??

      stop useless program in the pc


      ps: you have to included a hard disk recovery program with format features,a spam detector,antivirus an other utilities....

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          c.pfaffenbichler Level 9

          Developing and maintaing an operating system is probably a really, really heavy investment with limited medium-term pay-off. (Just consider the number of engineers at Microsoft or Macintosh concerned with OS-issues.)

          Moreover having to cooperate with and accommodate a multitude of hardware-producers of various components seems a chore and then some.


          And even after Freehand has been discontinued and Quark has annoyed some (possibly many) customers enough to switch to Indesign I think most of us Adobe-users would like to maintain at least the appearance of the opportunity to switch to another company’s product/s if ever serious competition should arise.


          Additionally Adobe does at current, so far as I can tell, not offer sufficiently professional 3D-applications for some needs, so the system would have to be open to those and those companies may be loathe to invest into porting to another OS after Windows, Mac and Linux.


          And sealing off software can be of dubious value; Paintbox as an image editing system for example pretty much vanished years/decades ago



          So I think the idea is not a very good one, but maybe some Adobe employees can elaborate on their view.