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    Elements 9 Organiser - not loading preferences


      Hi, I have Elements 9, running on a Windows 7 64 bit PC. This has been running fine since Christmas, but now starting to get a problem.




      In organiser if I select Preferences from the Edit menu or by pressing Ctrl-K a small window comes up saying loading, but the preferences window never shows. Windows Task Manager shows that Elements is still running and the processor load is about 15-25% and so it would seem it is trying to do something. So far I've left the machine for over an hour and the loading window never goes. The only way to close Elements is to use End Task in Windows Task Manager.


      I've tried deleting the preferences file in /Users/User name/roaming/Adobe/Elements Organiser/9.0/Organiser/. I've also tried uninstalling, deleting all of the Adobe Elements files within the roaming profile and reinstalling. Neither of which has helped. Apart from this Elements works OK and I can access the Preferences in the Elements Edit programme.




      I have just installed the latest update and this made no difference.




      I could definitely access the preferences window when the software was first installed. The only thing I can think of that has changed (apart from the usual Windows updates) was the installation of a trial copy of Lightroom 3, which I've now uninstalled.




      Any thoughts would be appreciated