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    Real-time Transitions w CUDA - AVCHD Clips (trimmed) Don't Work


      I have been able to isolate and reproduce this issue - even on new project - with just one video clip/asset. I cannot get real-time transitions to work.  I'm using a Matrox MXO2 Mini with Max, and a GTX 470 - with GPU Acceleration enabled for the project. Here is where transitions break every time.


      If I take a video asset/clip, razor it or trim it in any way, then then add a transition between the two edited pieces - the real-time effects will

      not work. (dip to black). The key here is -- it the same original video asset that it being used together and transitioned. If it is two different assets/clips - then real-time effects works fine very time. I confirmed with Matrox - they get the same results - and get the same results without the Matrox drivers/hardware.


      I'm curious if other have run into this, and how folks deal with this (if at all). Seems strange, as this seems like a basic task, and having to render everytime this occurs is tedious.


      Thanks, J.

      - Adobe CS5 v 5.0.3
      - Matrox MXO2 Mini w/ Max (Utils V
      - GeForce GTX 470
      - ASUS P6X58D Premium Motherboard
      - Intel i7 960
      - 12 GB Ram
      - Samsung P2770HD 27" LCD Monitor - 1080p