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    Adobe Reader 'Attach to Email' is not working

    AdobeHelpMe25 Level 1

      I have a client that is running Windows 7 and when opening a PDF with Adobe Reader is unable to use the "Attach to Email" function. We tried this with Adobe X, Adobe 9.3, Adobe 9.4.2. None of these will work. An error occurs: "Acrobat is unable to connect to your email program." We get the same error on any of these versions. For some reason Adobe 9.3.4 upgrade does not install with 9.3, where I read in a resource discussion that this version should work ion Windows 7.


      Adobe Reader X seems to be a known issue with Windows 7 for this problem. My client recently upgraded from Windows XP and did not have this problem on that OS. A current work-around is to save the PDF then attach it to an email, but she would greatly prefer to use the Attach to Email function within Adobe Reader without having to save the PDF and manually attach it.


      Thanks for any help!