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    Why do my images display properly in Preview, but online they're botched?

    Merle Peek

      I assume that this is a CSS problem, and I have read and reread the code many times, but I can't track down the problem. It Previews fine in Safari, and Opera and Firefox, but when I put it online, I have two problems.

      This Page may be seen at www.eccentricartistsgardens.com

      Over the bottom of the logo at the top-left there is a gray-green rectangle the width of the logo and obliterating the bottom of the logo. It shouldn't be there, and I can't figure out where it came from.

      The background image for the textblock on the bottom-right side is not displaying properly; it's only filling half its space. Again, I don't know why this is happening, since it Previews just fine.

      The gray block on the upper-right is supposed to be an Image Show, a Dreamweaver extension from Extend Studio. I'm waiting for word from Extend Studio as to why that isn't loading and working like it should.

      The first two problems are what I am hoping that someone will be able to point the way for me.