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    Default Transition Alignment not center at cut


      When I create a slideshow using a default transition, all the alignments are "end of cut".  Manual says that the default is "center of cut" and that what I would like.  Other than moving each one which is a huge job with 600 pics, is there any way of resetting the default, batch aligning or any other solution.  I am using jpeg photos and just want to cross dissolve with the alignment center at cut.  Thanks for any info

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Because photos do not, by nature, include "head" and "tail" material (extra material beyond the end points used to create a transitional segment), transitions between photos usually does sit over more one photo than the other or centerred on the cut.


          There's little point in changing all of the transitions to center on the cut, since, unlike video, it has no effect on how still photos play.


          Trust me. Even if you take the time to change every single one, they won't play any differently as a slideshow.

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            nybarasm Level 1

            You are correct, does't seem to be a way to have it default.  I need to read up on this head and tail thing.  Can a photo be stretched so it will react like a movie clip?  The transition does work when tied to the end of clip except that now the first picture gradually dissolves and the second picture snaps onto the screen rather than the first picture dissolving out and the second gradually appearing on the screen. Thank you for taking the time to answer my question.

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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              No, there is no way to add a photo so that your transition centers on the cut. It's just the nature of the media, ny.


              If you'd like to know more about why this happens, complete with illustrations, or anything more about how the program works (described in step by step detail) or even tips and tricks for making this program work better, you may want to check out one of my books (based on my 7 years hosting this forum).

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                Ted Smith Level 3

                Effects automatically center on photos in my PE9 OK


                You can set the effect to be left, right or centered by simply RIGHT clicking on  the effect in the timeline and select properties


                I just made a video with 20 jpgs in 10 seconds rapidly dissolving between each still with the dissolve effect centered between each change.

                I first dragged each photo and made a sequence of the 20 stills with each photo showing for about 2 seconds.

                I then set a dissolve effect on each cut

                I shortened the length of each left and right of each transition to about 1/4 second by dragging the start and end points of the effect in

                I then did the same to the length of each photo dragging it in to the edges of the dissolve effect

                Each dissolve showed the same amount of time of each photo.


                The 'photos' were screen captures I made of Google satelite shots zooming in from outer space to my home.

                It produced quite an interesting effect like a rocket ship landing on my roof.


                All effects were centered so there was the same in and out time for each still


                You can actually copy and paste an effect that you have altered from its default settings instead of creating and altering it each time