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    Best way to adjust lighting in video clips

    Steve C2 Level 2

      Is there a "best" way to adjust lighting conditions within a video clip?  I have a clip with terrible lighting conditions and cannot reshoot the scenario.


      While I don't expect a perfect solution, I am hoping that there are better approaches than the ones I've been using.  If recommendations include third-party plugins, I would appreciate hearing about them, as well.


      I have been using the gamma corrector and luma corrector filters.  The gamma corrector adjustments in greater values, but seems to only work in discrete steps.  So, if the gamma needs to be stepped up or down within a clip, there is a very visible and sometimes jarring visual effect.  The luma corrector seems to only be able to increase the brightness level (through a combination of all 5 or 6 variables including brightness, gain, gamma, etc.) before the clip looks washed out.