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    How to pass parameters to a Flex .swf application from HTTP response


      I am writing a simple HTTP server that returns a default Index.swf file in a standard HTTP response packet w/ "content-type: application/x-shockwave-flash" the followed by the .swf file binary. Everything is working fine. However, if I want to also pass in some server side parameter (e.g. IP address of the servering server) to the Flex application when it runs in client's browser,then I hit the brick wall...


      On the flex side, I put the following AS code:


          var serverUrl:String = Application.application.parameters.serverURL;


      So far I tried and failed all the following methods in the HTTP response header:


          serverUrl: 12345



          flashvars: serverUrl=12345


      Nothing works. Has any guru out there knows about the trick to do that.


      Thanks in adavnce,