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    Cannot print PDF files


      My printer does not read PDF files at all. Absolutely no response from printer which is working fine with printing any other type of document, There are no error messages.Just no response! I uninstalled the Adobe reader, reinstalled more than one version, and had tech help from HP as well. Downloaded new drivers for the printer, tried to print Image file, as suggested. The computer is 6 months old and was printing PDF just recently. Would love someone to give a suggestion on what I can try without having to restore the computer. There must be a conflict, but I have tried everything I can think of to remedy this. HELP!

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          MichaelKazlow MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          What OS? What version of Reader? What printer? What printer driver?


          As a temporary work around, see if print as image works.

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            teddyfran444 Level 1

            Hi Mike,


            I have a Canon Pixma 780. Windows 7 is my OS. Canon says it is a software issue as the printer works fine with other documents. My laptop works just fine with the same printer. Image does not work. Uninstalled Adobe X, tried Adobe 8 and 9. Nothing is working. Hp (hardware tech) took over the computer for two hours and we tried everything! I am now going to reformat (ugh!) and will let you know what the outcome is. I really aprreciated your response.





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              Fran, I have encountered the same issue with my HP Deskjet 6840; running Windows Vista and Adobe X (had same problem with 9.4 before I tried the newer download). Every other type of file prints; have updated drivers; printed as image. Have run out of options. Did you find an answer?!?!

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                teddyfran444 Level 1



                I discussed the issue with Canon and their opinion was that it was a

                software issue and/or conflict in my computer. I then went to HP. The tech

                help was extremely diligent and worked on it remotely for quite a long time.

                They couldn't figure it out...uninstalled adobe,IE, and installed older

                version of Adobe. The problem was proven that it was not the printer as my

                second computer (laptop) was able to print the PDF file. They suggested I

                have the HP software tech work on it, but it was going to cost $60 or $70.

                Therefore, my experience (even though I received a nasty reply from

                camaro38369 which you will notice as a reply to my question) is that

                sometimes some little thing gets mixed up in the registry, etc. that nothing

                helps but biting the bullet and do a factory format!!! I learned that a long

                time ago when we used to get quality tech help from the software

                manufacturers. I backed everything up to my external drive, gathered all my

                software, downloads, etc. together and restored to Day One Success!!. Now I

                am back in business. Problem with the PDF solved, as well as some other

                issues I was having. Just to let you know. My OS is Windows 7 and I had

                tried the IE 9 upgrade and found it somewhat unstable..so I went back to

                IE8. I'm figuring this may have contributed to the issue. This was  a long

                answer to a short question, but I hope you have luck in solving your issue.

                They can be annoying. Now I am going to answer Brandon (camaro 38369) who

                should not be allowed to be rude to people who are looking for help.


                Thanks and have a great day.



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                  teddyfran444 Level 1

                  I noted in my last response that I received a rude reply to my post. Just want the Forum members to know that I had received it as an email, but was removed as a reply. Kudos to this Forum as the administrator is watching the ship. Great job!