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    Help Creating an Adjustable Grid?

    danldurall Level 1

      I have some experience in flash and actionscript, but not much beyond the classroom in a book tutorials, etc.


      I am working on an idea and just need a little help figuring out where to begin.


      I would like to create a simple 2D interactive grid.  The user should be able to increase and decrease the number of axis (both X and Y simultaneously) that compose the grid, and also the scale of the grid itself (Zoom in and Out).


      If this goes well enough, I would like to be able to plot graphical content on the grid that visually changes as the grid itself changes.  They should, in some way, be linked to one another and correspondingly affected by the same two parameters.  This, however, would be a second step.  I am more concerned with the base grid model at this point.


      ANY help would be very much appreciated!