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    Email Scrip issues

    bigj9901 Level 1
      I have an email script that worked fine until today and I haven't made any changes. There are no apparent errors when the script runs on the site. But the email never gets to its intended recipient. I have check the smpt logs on our server and they show some sort of error concerning bare LF's and qmail.

      If i change the recipient address to my yahoo account everything is fine and the email is delivered. But i try to other email addresses including the one we have been using with out any problems I get the bare LF error. I have read numerous articles saying qmail has issues with bare LF's.

      I know for fact one of the alternate emails I'm trying to send to uses qmail. The regular email that I had been sending it to that no longer works, I am not sure of the email server but, it is on a Linux box.

      Some of the stuff I was reading indicated that I may have the &chr(10)&chr(13) reversed, I tried switching them but it still doesn't work.

      Here is a sample of the code:

      <% '' Email the order

      From = "Orders mywebsite <orders@mywebsite>" 'From address

      If (rs_mailer.Fields.Item("mailType").Value = "SC") Then
      SendTo = "email@myotherwebsite.com" 'recipient email
      SendTo = "otheremail@myotherwebsite.com" 'recipient email
      End If
      Subject = rs_mailer.Fields.Item("mailId").Value&" | "&rs_mailer.Fields.Item("mailName").Value&" "&confNum 'mail subject

      Body ="<table width='100%' border='0' cellspacing='0' cellpadding='0'>"&chr(10)&chr(13)
      Body = Body&"<tr>"&chr(10)&chr(13)
      Body = Body&"<td><img src=' http://www.mywebsite/printLogo.gif' width='248' height='48'></td>"&chr(10)&chr(13)
      Body = Body&"</tr>"&chr(10)&chr(13)
      Body = Body&"<tr>"&chr(10)&chr(13)
      Body = Body&"<td> </td>"&chr(10)&chr(13)

      'lots of code in between

      Body = Body&"</tr>"&chr(10)&chr(13)
      Body = Body&"<tr>"&chr(10)&chr(13)
      Body = Body&"<td> </td>"&chr(10)&chr(13)
      Body = Body&"</tr>"&chr(10)&chr(13)
      Body = Body&"<tr>"&chr(10)&chr(13)
      Body = Body&"<td><a href=' http://www.mywebsite/updatemailed1.asp?conf="&confNum&"&code=dfaaads'>Click Here to change</a></td>"&chr(10)&chr(13)
      Body = Body&"</tr>"&chr(10)&chr(13)
      Body = Body&"</table>"&chr(10)&chr(13)

      Set objMessage =Server.CreateObject("CDO.Message")
      objMessage.Subject = Subject
      objMessage.From = From
      objMessage.To = SendTo
      objMessage.HTMLBody = Body

      set objMessage=nothing

      Any advice greatly appriciated!