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    Flex application -- Focus

    Phrankie Level 1
      I'm designing a Flex application, and for the most part, I want to allow users to drive the application with simple keystrokes.

      Obviously I need to content with a couple of UI issues:

      1) I don't want to interfere with text field input and the likes.

      2) After the user commits (i.e. closes or exits text fields or other objects that claim focus of text input) I'll need to set focus (responder?) to the flex application itself .

      Is this easy to accomplish?

      Thanks John
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          parallaxed Level 1
          You can set focus within the flash player to components within the flash player.

          You can set focus within the browser window to the Flash player (if you need to).

          Easy? That depends on how you want your app to behave and how you implement that behaviour. A "suck it and see" approach might be best to ascertain that one - learn by doing and similar clichés have merit here.

          If you have a more specific question about implementation detail, post back and the board should fix you up with an answer.