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    Geforce GTX 550ti 1GB or GTX 460 1GB or other?


      I have a 2 year old homebuilt i7 920 with 12GB ram built on an Asus P6T MB with a Seasonic 650W PS.  I'd like to upgrade the current Graphics card that was fine for Photoshop but not for Premiere Pro which I'm just experimenting with. I'd like to get a better card for it without going crazy because this will not be my main computer.  I never OC'd it either as for Photoshop it seemed fine at the time.


      It will be used typically for making under 5 min videos that consist of a around half doz clips each from my Canon 1DM4 in HD 1080.  Not too much in the way of effects currently with unsharp mask, color correction and transitions etc.


      The ones I've sort of narrowed down to are the GTX 460 1GB or maybe the GTX 550ti 1 GB might do as well for this use?  I don't like limiting myself if I'd see much of a difference between them.  I'm also totally open to any suggestions for others as well.


      As a side note, I'm also in the planning stages for building a new computer from scratch and that will be my main computer that I'll most likely put a better card in during the coming month or two.


      While I've built several computers over the years I'm finding this graphics card choice bewildering to say the least!  I hope that's enough info to go on and I greatly appreciate any help as most review sites for cards pertain mostly to gaming.


      Thanks in advance,