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    bug/feature in flex builder 3

      It looks like you guys have been working on the design & source view working together by opening a new editor and dragging the other view below the top one. e.g. design view up top and source code below. Works great but one thing I noticed so far is that if I do an undo it will switch the design view to code view.

      I'm working on xp sp2

      One other feature would be to take out the highlighting of the whole input field when you set focus or @ least have an option to turn this feature off. It looks like you guys fixed it where you can now just highlight the one letter to change but it's still annoying feature to me. I like the standard double click the field change the whole text.
      E.g. to change the width for a combobox you now have to click and drag on the 4 in 145 if you want to change it to 155. I would rather just click either before and after the 4 and hit del or backspace to change it. This is a standard in all other dev apps I work in and I forget that just doing a single click in flex highlights the whole input field and I end up with just a single letter or number.

      Great work so far!!!