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    XML Problems in Safari

      I have created a Flash movie that gets XML weather data and changes a character's facial features depending on the weather conditions. The data comes from the weather.com(The Weather Channel) by way of short PHP proxy script running on my server. You can see it at:


      Generally it works great, but often when running in the Safari browser, it won't receive the XML properly. I get an immediate response from the server reporting "success" to be false. This is an intermittent problem but happens often enough to be a serious issue. Has anyone had a similar experience or have any ideas? Thanks.

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          SymTsb Level 2
          Have you added any cache prevention into your script to insure that the XML file is always being loaded from weather.com and not from cache? I've had cache issues with Safari that prevented me from loading XML data.
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            craighickman Level 1
            A cache problem sounds right. I tried appending "&cachebuster=" + new Date().getTime()" to the end of my load script but it didn't help. I am requesting a .php instead of a .xml file because I am using a proxy and the proxy echoes the xml file from the source, but I don't think that should make a difference. Oddly it seems to happen more on my Mac Mini than on my G5.