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    SDK configuration problem

    pejaham Level 1
      When installing Flex Builder 3 Beta, I installed the SDK in a non-standard location (same is true for the already installed 2.0.1 SDK from Flex Builder 2). Flex Builder 3 finds none of them. When I try to manually add them (Window->Preferences->Flex->Installed Flex SDKs), I get an error message "The currently displayed page contains invalid values". In Flex Builder 2 the location of the SDK was configured in <eclipse folder>/configuration/com.adobe.flexbuilder/flexbuilder2.xml, Flex Builder 3 does not have this configuration file, so I assume that it relies on a standard location for the SDK.
      - Is there workaround to get going (add custom SDKs)?
      - What is the standard installation location of the SDK?

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          Peter Flynn (Adobe) Adobe Employee
          Hi Peter,

          Flex Builder 3 has new features for supporting multiple different SDKs. You may be seeing bugs in that feature here.

          Under Preferences > Flex > Installed Flex SDKs, do you see any entries at all? Do any of the entries point to invalid locations? Try just viewing this list and then Ok'ing the Preferences dialog without adding any SDKs. Do you still see the error message, or does it appear only when you've made changes?

          With a little more info I think we can pin this down for you.

          - Peter
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            pejaham Level 1
            Hi Peter,
            under Preferences > Flex > Installed Flex SDKs I do not see any entries at all. When I click (to manually add SDKs), I get the error message (modal box) "The currently displayed page contains invalid values". So the problem is - when Flex Builder does not detect any SDKs at startup (possibly due to wrong configuration), I cannot add anything anything because the dialog for browsing/adding does not show up.
            I am on OX-S 10.4.9. I thought moving the Flex Builder 3 Plugin folder back to the default location would help, but I am not quite sure about name and location. Is it "/Applications/FlexBuilder 3 Plugin" ? I tried that but Flex Builder did not detect the SDK.

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              C. Agruss (Adobe) Level 3
              Hi Peter,

              A couple of questions:
              - did you install the Standalone or Plugin version of FB 3?
              - have you tried uninstalling and then re-installing, either to a non-standard or standard location?

              It's important not to move the location of the default SDKs folder tree after it's been installed, as FB is configured by the installer to find that tree, and uses it as its global defaults. You can add your own extra copies of the SDK, in addition to the default global paths, but looks as if this only works if the default global paths are intact (good juicy bug there).

              Another quick fix you could try is editing the file /plugins/com.adobe.flexbuilder.flex_*/config.xml, to fix the global paths that have become disconnected on your system.

              Let me know how this goes,

              C. Agruss
              Flex Builder Team
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                mike_morearty Level 1
                Also: That error message, "The current displayed page contains invalid values," usually indicates a bug in Flex Builder -- e.g. the dialog code might be throwing a NullPointerException or something. There is an error log that logs most such exceptions. It would be extremely helpful if you could post the exception text + stack trace shown in that error log. (The error log may be big, because it may have logged other, benign issues -- I only need the one exception that is logged when you do this.)

                There are various ways to get to the error log, depending on what version of Eclipse or Flex Builder you are running -- try these:

                - If running the plugin version of Flex Builder, you can do Window > Show View > Other...; PDE Runtime > Error Log.
                - Help > About Flex SDK > Configuration Details > View Error Log
                - At the command prompt, load <my_workspace_dir>\.metadata\.log into a text editor.

                Again, just fine the one exception that was thrown when you invoked the dialog.
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                  pejaham Level 1
                  Hi Chris,

                  I edited /plugins/com.adobe.flexbuilder.flex_*/config.xml as suggested and was able to restore the default installation path for the Flex Builder 3 Plug-in SDK.

                  Thanks very much,
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                    mike_morearty Level 1
                    I'm really glad your system is working -- but if you do have time to post the stack trace from your error log, I would appreciate it, as it would help us track down bugs in the beta.
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                      So I have hit the same problem on my system. I am using mac OSX and FB3, when I drill down into the config.xml everything seems to be pointing to the correct place and those SDK's both exist and are intact at those locations.


                      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
                      <flexbuilder version="">
                              <sdk location="/Applications/Adobe Flex Builder 3/sdks/2.0.1" />
                              <sdk location="/Applications/Adobe Flex Builder 3/sdks/3.2.0" defaultSDK="true" />


                      Any assistance would be apprecitate. Thanks

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                        make sure  in project properties,  under "Flex Application", your main mxml file is the *default* runnable application file