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    How do i use the TileBase Class?

      So im trying to layout 20 pictures in a canvas using the TileBase class to learn and i never understand how to use it
      private function createCatalogThumbnail():void
      var tileBase:TileBase = new TileBase();
      tileBase.maxColumns = 4;
      for(var i:int=0; i <catalog.length;i++)

      var thumbnail:ProductCatalogThumbnail = new ProductCatalogThumbnail();
      thumbnail.product = catalog.getItemAt(i) as Products;
      thumbContent.addChild(tileBase); //this is the Canvas that is being added to



      Also does anyone have a sort of a dummies guide to the Flex Adobe® Flex™ 2 Language Reference basically i want to be able to read it and know what i need to use and what i can override. that sort of stuff