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    Broken Chart License

      After installing Flex 3, I went to manage Flex Licenses (Eclipse, Mac OS X) and entered my Serial for Charts. It accepted my Serial as valid, however even after a restart all charts still render with the "Flex Charting Trial."

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          GordonSmith Level 4
          I think this is intentional for Flex 3 charts. To get full functionality you'll have to purchase a new serial number when they're available. My understanding is that Flex 3's enhanced charting is part of a new Data Visualization package which includes other components such as AdvancedDataGrid.
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            Chuck_Toussieng Level 1
            Considering I just bought the Charting license for $299, I would be MOST unhappy if there was an additional fee to turn my charting back on. I know this is Beta software, however to disable a valid Charting license seems pretty ridiculous.

            Is there a current fix to remove the watermark?
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              Charting trail water mark doesn't appear if you provide valid Flex 2.0.1 charting license in Flex Builder manage licenses. We have verified this on windows and MAC.

              Can you give us more details about what configuration you are using, Have you installed moxie flex builder, standalone flex builder or plugin for Eclipse, SDK - 2.0.1 or moxie SDK ?

              If you are using 2.0.1 SDK you would probably need to manually enter serial key in license.properties file available under flex builder installer directory "\Flex Builder 3\sdks\moxie\frameworks"
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                Chuck_Toussieng Level 1
                Thanks Ajit-

                I installed the FB_Moxie_SA_172437 and entered my serials. I also built with the Moxie SDK- but I still get the watermark.

                I also checked that the serials exist in the license.properties files, reinstalled, restarted, etc. Watermarks still there.
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                  SunilAdobe Adobe Employee

                  In Flex Builder 3, you could choose, which SDK you want to use for building applications. So check all the SDKs under Flex Builder 3\sdks folder for license.properties file. If you are getting the watermark, then one of those properties files is not having the license key.
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                    Chuck_Toussieng Level 1
                    Thanks Sunil

                    That fixed it. Even though I entered the serials through the Eclipse IDE (Manage Licenses) it didn't update the Flex 2.0.1 framework file with the serials- and even though I had selected to compile with Moxie (since I was working on an AIR file) it did show the watermark. Maybe for Beta 2-

                    Thanks again
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                      I entered my charting serial in FB3 B2, it accepted it, but did not update the license.properties file for either the 2.01 or 3.0.0 SDKs. I manually updated both files, restarting Eclipse, did a clean build of all projects but the trial watermark is still there.
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                        I had the same problem and tried a bunch of different things but gave up and moved on to something else when I suddenly noticed that the watermark was gone.

                        I filled a bug report ( https://bugs.adobe.com/jira/browse/FLEXDMV-1301) and got some feedback on what to try. Perhaps that might help you...

                        Or you can provided them with more feedback data.