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    Contribute CS3 having problem with liquid layout


      Heya everyone! I'm hoping that someone can help me here. I'm trying to make the leap to having layouts done in CSS and not with tables.

      Please don't blame me for the design on this one - I didn't do it! ;)
      I'm having different issues in two different versions of contribute.
      Older versions of contribute won't allow me to edit the text. I'm guessing it has something to do with the padding on my left and right columns that I had to use in order to get my three column layout. Getting rid of that means totally rethinking how I did my three column liquid layout to begin with, which isn't my favorite option.

      Contribute CS3 WILL let me edit the text in the center column. HOORAY!
      HOWEVER! I can edit it for a little while, but if I start typing too fast or click it the wrong way the entire DIV reshapes itself and is suddenly 10px wide! How bizarre.

      What can I do to make this editable in Contribute? Does anyone have a fix to that this is either editable by my client (this has to go LIVE to beta on Monday!) OR does someone have a three column liquid layout that DOES work in contribute cs3?

      Thanks so much!!!

      check it out here: www.cssdd.org/index.html