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    Bug Hunt

      We used to use Bug Hunt 32 to test our help files with an application. Is there Bug Hunt for HTML help?
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          RoboColum(n) Level 5
          Use the Tools > Enable Bug Hunter menu item. You can see the results by displaying the output pane (View > Output View menu item) and clicking on the Bug Hunter tab.
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            Pet3689 Level 1
            Bug Hunter used to work for us, but now (after letting time pass, and after re-installing Windows) it does not work anymore.

            We have an HTMLHelp project, and generate a CHM file. We have an application that uses context-sensitive help to access this CHM file.

            But we thought that Bug Hunter (once displayed and enabled in RoboHelp HTML 7) would simply display ANY context-sensitive calls from ANY application to its associated CHM file (i.e., regardless of which project is actually open in RH-HTML). Is that correct?

            Then why is this not working?

            This is not likely a problem with a particular PC, because someone else (who does not work for us) reproduced this problem for us.
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              Fly Molo Level 1
              I don't know if this will help your particular situation (sorry), but my bug hunter has never worked in RoboHelp. However, the HTML Help message viewer in HTML Help Workshop does display the calls to our CHMS. Why one works and the other doesn't I couldn't say. You might give HTML Help Workshop's viewer a shot.

              At my office we have a mixture of bug hunter both working and not.