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    basic slideshow

    jay fresno Level 2

      I have Flash CS5 and want to create a basic slideshow with multiple images.

      Does anyone know where I might find a detailed explanation how to create a slideshow (must be detailed because I'm new to Flash)?

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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          you can use google to search for:  flash <your actionscript version> slideshow tutorial

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            Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Search Google using terms that match your intentions.  "Flash basic slideshow tutorial" might be a good start.  That may find you something involving primarily a timeline-based version of a sldieshow.  If you think you might like to create one that has a bit more dynamic capabilities, then you'd want to search for spmething with reference to an actionscript version.... maybe something like "AS3 slideshow tutorial"

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              jay fresno Level 2

              Yes, of course, searching for a tutorial is the first thing I did before posting. I tried following a couple of them, but they were not detailed enough, not enough pictures showing what to do, so I got lost at one point or another. After that, I was able to put together a simple slideshow by combining techniques from the different tutorials. But then I got stuck again when I wanted to add navigation buttons. So I was hoping there would be a simple easy to follow tutorial for noobs with the instructions all in one tutorial.

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                Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                There are probably a number of them, but unfortunately you have to find them.  The details that you might require to be able to follow a tutorial are something only you can determine, which is why it is best to look until you find one that matches what you want.  Any time I need to find out how to do something I do exactly what I recommended you do... Google is an excellent resource, but sometimes you have to be diligent in pursuing what you are after.


                If you happen to have one that you have started and run into a problem with, then that is something you are more likely to get detailed help with in a forum.  If you can explain what you have done in detail and show relevant code that involves the problem you are having, chances are someone will be able to try to help.