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    Smooth slow mo, or smooth regular speed solution?


      So. I am terribly sorry if this is a noob question, I know this is not supposed to be flooded with stupid questions but I couldnt manage to find what i need on the faqs or the net (not that I searched for more than 20 minutes, but aaaanyway here goes)


      So my footage is @ 720p,50fps (PAL) from my DSLR.

      I figured out how to do awesome looking slow motion by creating a project that is essentially @ 25 frames per second, and interpreting my video of 50fps as 25fps. This creates an awesomely smooth slow motion ripple.


      But. Inserting a normal speed 50fps video in the 25fps project naturally results in a normal speed but jerky ripple. Is there anyway for this to be as smooth as it would be if the project was a 50fps one or is it the price you have to pay for achieving the very good slow mo?

      If there is no way for it to be smooth in the 25fps project, is there another way to achieve a similarly good slowmo effect when working on a 50fps project? (messing with the speed duration in a 50fps project on a 50fps video results in a jerky slowmoed ripple again)

      So essentially my question is, are you doomed to have one of the be jerky or is there a way for both of them to be smooth?


      Thanks in advance guys, if there is a specific place for noob questions that I haven't found, please direct me to it.