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    Importing AEP (after effects) freezes Premiere


      I've been running into this problem on occassion and have been able to get around it before by retsarting my computer and trying to re-import the aep file into premiere.  However lately importing aep into premiere completely freezes the program.


      I've tried making completely new aep composites, with different dimensions and codecs, making the premiere project match them and still it freezes when importing only the aep, nothing else.

      There are some processes that don't close I have to force close premeire:


      Adobe QT 32 Server.exe



      I'm wondering if they have anything to do with it.


      I've had this problem before but was able to get around it somehow but now it's stopped my video production cold and I can't progress.  I'm using Windows 7 64bit 4GB ram, Intel duo 2.6.


      Any help is greatly appreciated and many thanks in advance